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10 Creative Gazebo Ideas for Your Garden

Gazebos are a great way to add style, comfort and entertainment to your garden. These covered areas also provide rain and snow protection for things such as grills, furniture, hot tubs and even cars.

If you like the look and functionality a gazebo provides but are struggling with how to use it, let us help! Here are 10 ways your gazebo can transform your garden into the place to be in the neighbourhood.

1 - A Relaxation Space

There’s no limit to what you can do under a gazebo to make it a relaxing paradise. Cosy outdoor furniture gives you an area to sit or lie while enjoying the outdoors, while accents such as foliage, wind chimes or blankets add to the calm and comfort of the space.

2 - An Outdoor Cinema

Gather some chairs or sofas under the gazebo for seating, then use a white wall or hang a white sheet from your gazebo and use a PowerPort™ to project a movie. Fun for the whole family!

3 - Al Fresco Dining

Bring in a stylish dining area and enjoy the pleasant evenings eating dinner outdoors. Sure, a built-in oven, portable hot plate or grill is ideal, but even bringing the food outside to serve once cooked is a great way to enjoy the comfort of your gazebo.

4 - A Hot Tub

Having a gazebo over your hot tub has several benefits. For one, it allows you to enjoy the tub no matter what the weather is because you’re protected from rain and snow. The roof also protects the tub against the elements, meaning less discolouration and mildew.

5 - Your Very Own Bar

Create the ultimate social setting beneath your gazebo by turning it into your outdoor bar. Some gazebos come with ready-made kits and countertops, but you could also make your own if you’re feeling adventurous. With a PowerPort™, you can even include a mini fridge, ice maker or blender to serve those cocktails and beers.

6 - A Poolside Paradise

Enjoy a shady retreat on the deck by placing some pool chairs under your poolside gazebo. Escape the sun and cool off before jumping back in, watch the kids from under the sun-protected roof or curl up with a good book and enjoy the ambiance.

7 - A Grill Station

Placing a grill under your gazebo allows you to cook out in the paradise of the outdoors. You don’t have to run your food from the kitchen to the garden, and with the protection of the roof you can grill in any climate and keep your grill from getting damaged or weathered. Set up the grill under a traditional gazebo or seek out a grill gazebo specifically designed for all your cookout needs.

8 - Added Privacy

If you love your gazebo but want a bit more privacy, you can add vertical slats or grass walls to one or more sides of it. If that sounds like too much work, perhaps an easier DIY addition would be curtains. Creating these barriers helps you feel intimate and adds to the privacy of your space.

9 - Party After Dark

The sun setting doesn’t have to be the end of the party. Use a PowerPort™ to add some fairy lights under the roof and enjoy relaxing or entertaining after dark. Elegant lights add style to your gazebo and allow it to be used any time of day.

10 - An Outdoor Game Room

Get the kids involved by using the gazebo as a rec area. Gaming tables such as pool, air hockey or table tennis will have them enjoying the space daily. Add to the area with some outdoor toys and watch the kids transform playtime into lifelong memories.

Up Your Gazebo Game and Create Lasting Memories

A gazebo can be many things: a shady retreat, a grillmaster’s paradise, an outdoor zen, a family gathering area and much more. No matter how you use your gazebo, there’s one thing that’s certain - you won’t regret getting one.

Shop gazebo options today and find the perfect addition to your garden.

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