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How to Build a Swing Set That Is Safe and Fun for Your Kids

Getting a swing set for your kids can be an enjoyable experience not only for them, but for you as well. Of course the kids will love it; they will enhance their creativity and imagination with everything the set has to offer. But seeing the joy on their faces as they play will also create lifelong memories for you.

To ensure they’re able to make the memories you want them to make, it’s important to make sure you’ve built it in a safe way that allows for them to have fun while minimising the risk of injury.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when assembling a swing set for kids.

Assemble on Level Ground and Anchor Properly

You’ll want to make sure you assemble the swing set on a level surface. Building on level ground minimises the risk of the set tipping over while kids are at play or during extreme weather events.

Even more importantly, the swing set must be properly anchored. Although there are several ways to anchor a swing set, using ground stakes provides a safe, flexible and easy way to ground the set with minimal materials or construction work. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions when anchoring your swing set. An improperly anchored swing set is one of the biggest risks for an injury to a child while playing.

Leave Plenty of Room

Make sure the swing set is clear of any obstacles that might get in the way when parts such as swings are in motion. The set should be placed at least two metres away from any structures such as houses, trees, garages, sheds or overhead wires.

Not only does this allow the swing set to be used to its full capacity, but it allows plenty of space for kids to safely play around the swing set safely.


Lakewood swing set


Have a Soft Surface Underneath

After you’ve assembled the swing set but before the kids use it, you’ll want to make sure you have a soft surface underneath it to minimise injury in case of a fall.

Rubber is the ideal surface and the safest one for kids, but it comes at a price. Cheaper but acceptable alternatives to rubber are sand, pea gravel, mulch or wood chips. Never build a swing set on concrete, asphalt, dirt or other hard surfaces. Before laying the surface, make sure you’ve cleared the area of any rocks, branches, tree stumps or roots.

While kids will be kids and you can’t prevent all accidents, having an appropriate surface under the swing set could mean the difference between a plaster and a trip to the emergency room.

Transform Playtime with a Fun and Safe Swing Set

Making sure your swing set is safe is the key to ensuring your kids will create lifelong memories for years to come. After all, swing sets are more fun for kids when they know they have ample space to play and they won’t get hurt if they fall down.

Backyard Discovery makes it easy to assemble swing sets that are safe for children. Every swing set comes with step-by-step instructions that include safety tips such as the ones above. In addition, the sets come in ready-to-assemble kits, so no cutting, drilling or trips to the DIY store are necessary. Furthermore, Backyard Discovery partners with the BILT app to make step-by-step assembly even easier with easy-to-follow directions and interactive diagrams directly on your phone.

And if that’s not enough to give you peace of mind, the swing sets are all tested for durability and backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Shop Backyard Discovery’s wide selection of swing sets and be on the way to creating years of enjoyment for your kids!