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Types of Pergolas

Spring is in full bloom, the weather is warming up and it’s time to start spending more days outdoors. As you emerge from the hibernation of winter indoors, you may be taking a look at your garden or outdoor space and thinking about a makeover.

If that’s the case, or if you’ve had plans for a while to enhance your outdoor space in time for the warmer weather, a pergola is a great way to do that. Pergolas provide a wonderful ambiance and an opportunity to enliven your garden, patio or poolside area.

As you start to shop around, you may be wondering what the different types of pergolas are. We can help!

Traditional Pergolas

If you’re looking for a pergola that provides rustic charm and blends well with its outdoor surroundings, a traditional pergola is a great choice.

As a reminder, pergolas are 4- or 6-columned structures. The roof is open, with horizontal beams that form a lattice. While they’re great for style, they’re not inherently designed for shade or protection from rain.

Traditional pergolas usually come in wood but can also come in metal. Cedar is a strong wood that makes for an ideal selection if a traditional pergola is what you’re after. It’s naturally rot resistant and just needs a once-yearly sealant. Cedar also comes in many different shades of brown, allowing you to match your backyard or personal aesthetic.

Modern Pergolas

Modern pergolas don’t vary in functionality from traditional ones. Both are columned structures with open roofs. The difference comes in the visual aesthetic.

Traditional pergolas usually highlight the beams by extending out beyond the support columns with stylized angles. Modern pergolas generally have clean lines and usually feature exclusively right angles.

Because of the way modern pergolas are designed, you’re much more likely to find them made of metal. Galvanised steel is the ideal choice as it’s much stronger than other metals like aluminium, allowing it to hold up against strong winds and severe weather. It also requires very little maintenance. Galvanised steel can come in a few different colours, but the most popular are black and white.

Louvred Pergolas

Maybe you like the idea of a pergola but are looking for something that offers shade and rain protection. Believe it or not, there’s actually a type of pergola that offers both.

Louvred pergolas are designed similarly to modern pergolas with one key difference. Instead of beams on an open roof, the roof consists of louvres that can be opened fully to let in sunlight, or offer shade and protection from rain when fully closed. Normally these louvres can be opened or closed with just a few turns of a louvre wand.

To avoid water settling on top of the closed louvres, these pergolas sometimes come with an integrated drainage system that allows water to flow into downspouts in the columns.

Cabana Pergolas

Up until now we’ve told you about pergolas that are 4 or 6 columns with no walls. There’s actually a type of pergola that does have walls, and it looks a little different than the ones we’ve described above.

Cabana pergolas are smaller, more intimate pergolas. They have two walls that come together at a 90-degree angle to form a nook. The roof remains open, but the walls allow for a more private setting.

Coming in both wood and metal, these pergolas are ideal for smaller gardens or patios, or for those looking to spend some time outdoors in a more private area. Some come with seating built in, while others leave space for you to arrange small pieces of furniture.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Backyard Discovery Pergola

Whether you’re looking to garden, dine, entertain or just relax by the pool, a pergola is a fantastic addition to your outdoor space.

Backyard Discovery UK has a wide range of pergolas, available in many different styles, sizes and colours. From modern to traditional pergolas, and small 10’x10’ footprints to large 20’x10’ sizes, you’re sure to find a pergola that fits your space, style and needs.

The traditional pergolas come in cedar, which includes various shades of brown for your choosing, or galvanised steel, which comes in black or white. Modern pergolas have a black or white steel option as well.

All of Backyard Discovery’s pergolas are PRO-TECT™ Tested & Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and are backed by an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

If you’re ready to start exploring what your garden could become, browse our collection of pergolas today!